GeigerRig Hydration Packs – Why Everyone Should Have One!

GeigerRig Hydration Engine is the world’s best hydration bladder/ reservoir winning multiple awards…Bladder


 What makes this hydration pack stand out from its competitors is that it is easy to clean unlike other bladders  as you can pop it open and put it in the dishwasher which is super convenient and ensures it gets a thorough clean especially if you’re not so skilled at washing up by hand!

BPA Free


This pack is also BPA FREE so there will be no nasty chemicals seeping into your hydration fluid of choice which minimizes any of that plastic-y type taste you can get from other bladders and more importantly it reduces  any health risks. Here is an interesting article about the health risks of BPA that you may be interested in reading which definitely changed my view on what I choose to carry my food and drink in.



Now what makes this Hydration Pack so unique is GeigerRig’s patented technology which provides filter ready pressurized hydration. So this means that you never have to suck again! It SPRAYS! Which is brilliant as it makes for easy drinking, cooling, cleaning and sharing. It has been proven that athlete’s who use a GeigerRig Hydration Pack drink more fluid during training and competing than those who use other bladders therefore keeping them more hydrated which assists better performance.

Performance Benefits


If reading this article isn’t enough to convince you that you just can’t live without a Geigerrig then watch this video which clearly demonstrates the benefits of this one of a kind hydration pack and puts it through its paces with a BOMB DURABILITY TEST!

So now you’re 100% amazed and bouncing at the edge of your seat wondering where you can get your hands on one of these! Well no need to look any further…

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