This week we would like to introduce to you Geigerrig, a new form of hydration which functions by pressurization. The performance benefits of pressurized hydration:

  • ·         Spray to drink
  • ·         Spray to cool
  • ·         Spray to clean
  • ·         Spray to share
  • ·         Easy care
  • ·         Clean H2O
  • ·         Constant pressure
  • ·         Stable load


 Hydrating from a hydration pack should be easy and continuous, not hurried and gluttonous.

 People who use GEIGERRIG hydration packs during activity report that they comfortably drink 30% more water than they do when using standard, un-pressurized, sucking hydration packs. Why?

With GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs, all that you’ll need to do is lightly bite down. The GEIGERRIG pressurized system does the rest – continuous, easy, comfortable hydration without disruption or inconvenient sucking.

 During many aerobic activities, it can be inconvenient to suck on the bite valves of traditional hydration packs, to access and hold a water bottle, or to otherwise drink. Subsequently, we find ourselves:

 Not hydrating at all because it is inconvenient to carry water.

 Stopping to drink when we would prefer to continue our activity.

 And/or hurriedly taking large gulps of water whenever we feel absolutely forced to by extreme thirst.

 GEIGERRIG, pressurized hydration packs spray the water into your mouth with no more effort than a quick pinch of the bite valve or a light bite with your teeth.  Convenient, easy, comfortable…


GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack Reviews – Read what to Outdoor Community is saying about Geigerrig


Convenient Access to Water During Outdoor Activity – Nothing Does It Better than A GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Pack:

When I run, bike and hike, I like to push myself to the limit.  My heart rate is way up and my breathing is heavy.  Turns out — sucking from a hydration pack absolutely sucks!  It is not convenient.  I often have to stop in order to slow things down enough to drink from my hydration pack, and I’m always with friends or family who also want a sip now and then.  But, my nasty bite valve isn’t something they want to suck on, and their frothy mouth isn’t something I want slobbering all over my hydration pack.  And… I hate it when I run out of water because it is difficult to refill my hydration pack or to use a filter.  Hydration Packs should make it easy to drink water—especially since the purpose of carrying a hydration pack is convenience!

The original idea of hydration packs was to make carrying water and getting a drink an easy and convenient experience.  But anyone who uses hydration packs knows that hydration packs have a long way to go when it comes to delivering a real punch when it comes to convenience.  Hydration packs are hard to clean, hydration packs can be difficult to refill, and hydration packs demand that we suck in order to ‘conveniently’ access the water. That is, until GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs came on the scene.  

 As to the issue of sucking…   GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs spray and they do it very, very well.  Accordingly, all you need to do is lightly pinch the hydration pack bite valve with your fingers or lightly touch the hydration pack bite valve with your teeth, and the GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration pack will fill your mouth with refreshing water.  And as for your friends, family and others who may be enjoying outdoor activity with you….  With a GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration pack, you can share your water by simply spraying it into their mouth.  

 Access to water for refilling is also a key issue when considering the convenience of

a hydration pack.  After all, if there is no water in the hydration pack, then there is no hydrating to be done.  Therefore, the GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration packs have a slide top that allows our hydration packs to be easily dunked into a stream, river, creek, lake, etc. for refilling.  Then, the GEIGERRIG in-line filter is easily snapped into the drinking tube so that the fresh stream water can be filtered as it travels, under pressure, from the hydration pack, through the drink tube, to the bite valve.  So go ahead and drink all you want and share all you want with those around you.  The nearby stream is now a convenient source for refilling your hydration pack.

In order for Hydration Packs to be truly convenient systems for hydration, they need to make drinking easy.   GEIGERRIG hydration packs are the most convenient way to hydrate during outdoor activity.



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