October 2013


Dear Customer, We at Franticelix believe that nobody should miss out on a shopping experience with us so we have now ensured that we can provide postage 100% worldwide. There should not be a single country that is not on our mailing list but if how ever for any reason you come across any problems with payment or shipping please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service staff and let us know. Our aim is to constantly improve the quality of our services to our customers but we... Read More


This week we would like to introduce to you Geigerrig, a new form of hydration which functions by pressurization. The performance benefits of pressurized hydration: ·         Spray to drink ·         Spray to cool ·         Spray to clean ·         Spray to share ·         Easy care ·         Clean H2O ·         Constant pressure ·         Stable load SPRAY TO DRINK-BETTER HYDRATION WITH A PRESSURIZED HYDRATION PACK  Hydrating from a hydration pack should be easy and continuous, not hurried and gluttonous.  People who use GEIGERRIG hydration packs during activity report that they comfortably drink 30% more water... Read More


Franticelix now offers BioLite, a new innovated camping stove which not only cooks but will also charge small electrical items. All this can be done by being fuelled by wood, usually a plentiful source while carrying out your adventures. BioLite makes cooking with wood as clean, safe, and easy as modern fuels while providing electricity to charge small devices, such as mobile phones and LED lights, off-grid. BioLite’s flagship product, the CampStove, frees outdoor enthusiasts from relying on gas canisters and provides a critical resource for preparedness and emergency settings.... Read More